Happy Holidays

Lots going on this December.

Normally I spend December doing the year end accounting for the artists and the label. It is a nice time to account for what the label has done that year and to reflect etc. Sort of a natural phenomenon given the holiday season and all of the summing up of the year that it brings with it.

This year though is a bit different. As the year end merriment, accounting and reflection takes place there is a new twist to it. We are trying to buy a home in Brooklyn. For the first time in my life I will own the apartment that I live in. I will have room to have an office, store CDs and in general live a more comfortable home life.

I spent years with boxes lining my hallway where I currently live. Papers liter my living room and bedroom. Magazines are strewn about. Stacks of CDs occupy most surfaces currently. I don’t know how much of this will change, but I do know that I will have more space to do it in.

A step like this is big. I can count how many big steps like this I’ve taken in recent memory (I’m not including rights of passage that felt big when they happened but were really just overblown normal occurrences). In the past few years I have started a record label, moved in with my girlfriend, got engaged to my girlfriend and then married to her. During that time I released a number of recordings I am proud of to this day, and lost sleep over all of them for one reason or another. That’s it. I’ve spent the past five years in two life long relationships. My wife and my label. Now I am starting a new one. A home.

I feel the same calm I had when the aforementioned relationships began. It is an excitement that manifests itself in a calm way as I look forward to moving into something new (pun intended). The only thing that differentiates this excitement is that the apartment introduces an opportunity other than more space. The opportunity to fill that space with a child. Now that is something new.

We’ll see. I’ve spent a lot of time recently wondering how I will balance all of the different responsibilities and how they will effect my perception of things. I admire my friends who have children.

I’ve viewed the label as my child for a long time. I wonder if there will be any sibling rivalry.