Track List
  1. 5:38
    Interface D
  2. 2:35
    Is This Rhythm?
  3. 11:20
  4. 5:51
    Interface F
  5. 5:02
    Interface C
  6. 5:42
    Cloak & Dagger
  7. 4:45
    Interface A
  8. 6:08
  9. 3:53
    For Evan Parker
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Released December 2007 — Catalog #Cf097

About the Album

Steve Lehmanís music is not about postmodern pastiche. And though he draws inspiration from a diverse set of musical sources, his music never fails to reveal his modernist commitment to innovation and progress through serious research and focused work. This is more than apparent on Manifold, his quartet record, featuring long-time collaborators Jonathan Finlayson (Trumpet), John Hebert (Bass), and Nasheet Waits (Drums).

Much of the music on Manifold is representative of a new, highly structured approach to open improvisation, in which formalism, reflection, and extreme technical precision co-exist with spontaneity and real-time decision-making. The near-telepathic interaction of the four ensemble members underscores the crucial and fundamentally compositional nature of deciding who plays together. Throughout Manifold, Lehman, Finlayson, Waits, and Hebert demonstrate an uncanny ability to create bracingly original music in compositional contexts ranging from Dusk, the quartetís powerful tribute to pianist/composer Andrew Hill; to Cloak and Dagger, Lehmanís rhythmically complex miniature; to Interface, a series of frameworks for open improvisation that call for the members of Lehmanís quartet to play with great rhythmic precision and formal nuance. The recording is a live performance from 2007 from the Jazz ao Centro Festival in Coimbra, Portugal.