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Pi Recordings is a New York-based record label dedicated to releasing innovative music by artists with unique and defining voices. Founded in 2001 with the release of two recordings of new music by Henry Threadgill, we have since been fortunate to work with some of the most influential composers and musicians in American music such as Muhal Richard Abrams, Roscoe Mitchell, The Art Ensemble of Chicago, Wadada Leo Smith, Anthony Braxton, Leroy Jenkins, James Blood Ulmer and Marc Ribot. At the same time, we are helping to nurture the voice of the best of this century’s young musicians. Artists like Vijay Iyer, Rudresh Mahanthappa, Liberty Ellman, Steve Lehman, Amir ElSaffar, and Corey Wilkes have all released CDs on Pi Recordings that document their growth as composers, improvisers and bandleaders.

We spotlight composers, improvisers and bandleaders who are pushing music in new, groundbreaking ways. Jazz artists have never had a wider musical palette at their disposal than now, and they are using it to create music that is more varied, profound and vibrant than ever before. Pi Recordings is here to capture what we recognize as the high points of these developments. The best of the best.

–Seth Rosner and Yulun Wang

Read a New York Times interview with Pi Recordings’ producers Seth Rosner and Yulun Wang here: Despite the Odds, a Jazz Label Finds a Way to Thrive.

Latest News

Steve Lehman's Mise en Abime Tops NPR Jazz Critics' Poll!

Mise en Abime was named the #1 jazz album of 2014 in the NPR poll of over 100 jazz critics! In a market flooded with thousands of new releases a year, all five of our 2014 releases placed highly: Marc Ribot Trio “Live at the Village Vanguard” (#6), Tyshawn Sorey’s “Alloy” (#14), Hafez Modirzadeh’s “In Convergence Liberation” (#33) and Dan Weiss’s “Fourteen” (#54). Congrats all!

New Press for Tyshawn Sorey, Steve Coleman, and Dan Weiss

The New York Times gave a shining review of Tyshawn Sorey’s Alloy. Read the review here.

The Philadelphia Inquirer wrote an article interviewing Steve Coleman on his reaction and thoughts to receiving the MacArthur Genius Grant. Read the article here.

The new issue of Modern Drummer Magazine has a new feature on Dan Weiss.

Praise for Hafez Modirzadeh - In Convergence Liberation

Three great reviews of Hafez Modirzadeh’s new one in All About Jazz:

In a 4 1/2 Star Review, Hrayr Attarian says “With this impressive album Modirzadeh has fused his remarkable scholarship with his superb artistry. The result is uniquely cerebral without being abstruse and sublimely visceral without veering into melodrama. In short it is a near perfect disc that is quite accessible as well as exquisitely thought provoking, exactly what one has come to expect from both Modirzadeh and Pi Recordings.”

In another 4 1/2 Star review, Karl Ackerman calls it “an inspired, thought provoking collection that is well worth experiencing.”

And Dan Bilawsky in his 4 Star Review says “Those looking to understand the very nature of confluence need look no further than In Convergence Liberation.”

You need to check out what they are talking about, too.

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